Monday, November 07, 2005

Scapa and BIRT

Title: Scapa and BIRT

Scapa builds application performance testing, diagnosis and monitoring software. They currently use BIRT.

Neil Sanderson Scapa’s Development Manager provided the following explanation.
Scapa uses the BIRT reporting framework as a means of presenting its aggregated statistical data in a final, management-reporting-level format (HTML or PDF). Scapa's existing test-execution and monitoring tool controls the content of any report as well as many presentation options (graph-colors, vertical-scales and ranges) and then uses BIRT's own APIs to construct a BIRT-compliant, tabular data structure from which the final report document (containing tabular and/or graphical content) can be automatically generated.

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You can use the BIRT APIs to embed the report engine in to your application, allowing parameter collection, report generation and distribution.
To learn more about the BIRT Engine APIs take a look at
Using the Report Engine

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