Tuesday, January 31, 2006

BIRT Update Manager

The BIRT Dev team has added support to use the Eclipse update manager to get distributions of BIRT. To use this feature, use the Eclipse menu system to Help => Software Updates => Find and Install. This action will bring up the Features Update screen.

Click Next and get the following dialog

Select the New Remote Site option and get the New Update Site dialog, fill the dialog in as follows:

After adding the site, make sure the site has been checked and press Finish.

If this is a first time BIRT install you will get the following dialog:

Select the BIRT checkbox and click Next will bring you to the license screen, select Next again and you will be given a choice on where you would like to install BIRT. Click Next a final time and BIRT will be installed.

There are a coupe of things you should be aware of:

  1. At this time the update site seems to be slower than a download from one of the major distribution sites i.e. ibilio or TDS Internet Services.

  2. This option only downloads the birt-report-framework distribution. If you would like any of the other downloads (RCP, Runtime, Charts…) you will need to go through the standard download site.

  3. You are still required to download the Axis libraries, iText.jar and prototype.js files by hand.*

* We are very aware that the download of these files is a nuisance. We are working with the Eclipse Foundation to clear up the licensing of these products so that they can be included in the standard BIRT download. As soon as we clean up the process, we will let you know.

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