Friday, January 19, 2007

BIRT 2.2 Milestone 4 Features

The BIRT Team released milestone 4 of the BIRT 2.2 release a this week.
The project is proceeding well. In this milestone we now have a BIRT tag library that allows embedding the BIRT Viewer in an existing web application complete with the ability to create a custom requestor page. This feature along with the BIRT Web Project should help with deployment of BIRT reports.

BIRT now leverages the WTP XML editor to display the XML for a report design within the Designer perspective. It is nice to see project cross-pollination in action.

The Word Emitter is now available for review. It is still early, but this project is shaping up well. Download the M4 release and have a look. Remember M4 requires the Eclipse 3.3 stack, which has a minimum requirement of Java 1.5.

To read more about the Milestone 4 release, read the
New and Notable.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Jason,

i have used birt for generating reports for a while, now i face the problem to generate report by using dynamic template, that is: the user can chose at run time which content (say a concrete table-column)will be included in the generated report.

i know there is RowEventAdapter to handle row-event but how can i delete or add a column at run time from or into a table ? Is that what the CellEventAdapter should do ? (i am not sure).


Jason Weathersby said...

Take a look at this.

BTW we will have dynamic crosstabs in 2.2.


ramak said...

I need to add birt word viewr as a bottom to birt webviewer
but I couldnt relate the jsp and js pages to the wmpl emiiter
any help will be highly appreciated