Tuesday, April 17, 2007

BIRT Notes: April 14, 2007

The new and notable for the M6 release includes for all of the new features in the new M6 build has been published on the BIRT web site. The work detailed here are for work that is done after the M6 release.

The number one focus for the development team continues to be the Cross-Tab control. In the M6 release, the cross-tab features are in place but they are definitely not ready for prime time usage. The RC0 build should have most of the major issues worked out from the cross-tab. In addition, new M6 features such as the Excel and Word emitter are marked as prototype since this is their first release.

Here is a list of some of the more significant development efforts for the week of April 7 - 14:

- Change CSStyleSheet API to make it easier to use:

- Bugzilla Bug (s) Resolved: Bug 179300
Added a new extension point IScriptableObjectClassInfo so that other report item plug-in developers can provide their extension for report item scripting UI. Meanwhile, provided adapters in api.metadata for UI aggregation feature and provided adapters in api.scripts for scripting UI.

- Chart UI Cleanup Categories: Bug 178725

1. Remove Category Series entry in FormatChart--Series page (except Pie chart).

2. Remove FormatChart--CategorySeries page for Meter chart.

- Fixes to the Report Engine Logging
Log Configuration was not used within the Report Engine.

- Allow sort bars in charts by Y value: Bug 170308

Support to specify sorting from properties pane for chart

- Chart Engine API Improvement
In DataProcessor, grouping for series is different according to series type. Now use extension IDataSetProcessor to avoid hardcoded data processing.

- BIRT Update Site
As of one of Europa M6 requirements, BIRT is using signed and pack200 update jars for update site now. Due to platform bug 163421 which was fixed only in Eclipse M6, you need to switch Eclipse M6 platform to use update site.

- Page Emitter Framework: Bug 180846
This is a new framework for page based emitters. Under this framework, algorithm of computing position is reused and emitters needn't to compute the absolute position by itself. Instead, it only needs to provide algorithm about how to create new pages and how to render items at specified position in a page.

- BIRT / Data Tools Downloads: Bugs 182051, 147419

Remove all DTP features/plugins from birt-framework/birt-framework-SDK zip files. Create new download package birt-dtp-integration which contains DTP bundles BIRT needs.

- Dynamic Parameters: Bugs 177439

Allow developer to select a default value for dynamic parameters.

- Model Simple API:

The chart and report engines are providing a new simple API for scripting. This code is being integrated into both the engines and the Model API.