Wednesday, April 02, 2008

BIRT and Ecore!

As many of you are aware BIRT uses the Data Tools Platform (DTP) project’s Open Data Access (ODA) standard to access data. Currently BIRT supports the following data sources:

Flat File
Web Services
Scripted Data Set

In addition, BIRT provides two project wizards for creating new ODA drivers.

The ability to query Ecore models, for use within BIRT reports, has frequently been requested. Jeff Ramsdale and Tim Myer have recently contributed an ODA driver to the DTP project that queries the Ecore model using the Object Constraint Language (OCL). To read more about this driver take a look at the proposal.
Be sure to drop by the DTP newsgroup to comment on or discuss this new ODA.


Ed Merks said...

Awesome! Thanks Jeff and Tim for your contributions and the DTP folks enabling them!!

Lucas said...

cool to see BIRT reporting enabled for Ecore models. Proud to see a EMF Search brick consumed ! (BTW, kudos to EMF Query + OCL (C. W. Damus)) ! you guys rock !