Sunday, November 02, 2008

Showing BIRT Reports using the Actuate JSAPI

Actuate is preparing to release a new version of several products that are based on the open source BIRT project. One the coolest new features is a new JavaScript API that can be used to execute and display report content with virtually any front end framework.

This API allows report content to be inserted into any DIV element, and contains methods for parameter manipulation, data extraction, and displaying the viewer. The viewer component has complete functionality for table of contents, exporting reports to different formats, and even the ability to modify sorting, filtering, and grouping from within the browser.

Wenbin, Virgil and I wrote an article on how this API can be used. It is available here. If you are interested in trying out this new API, take a look at the Actuate 10 wiki page located on BIRT Exchange.


Anonymous said...

great idea! Thanks a lot

Dahir IsaĆ­ said...

I´m a begginer with BIRT and I´m using PHP but I have a lot of questions about, wold you tell me if JSAPI is included with any package or if I can download it from any place? its free? another basic example? Are you the only one person who know how implement BIRT @ aplications? This last because I´ve been readig forums and the best articles have been posted by Jason... F1!

Jason Weathersby said...

The JSAPI is not free and comes with the Actuate products. You may want to look at this: