Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Using BIRT with PHP

Just wanted to post a note saying The Server Side just published an article we worked on that demonstrates how BIRT can be called using PHP. This article covers using the BIRT Report Engine within PHP to implement running and rendering of reports and includes details on how to handle drill through and BIRT libraries.

The article is available here.

A version of the integration (Containing BIRT 2.3.1) is also available on BIRT Exchange here. Be sure to look at the notes in the download page that discuss JDBC drivers and event handler jars.


Michel said...

Hi Jason,

Thanks for this great article. This is exactly what I needed, since I am integrating a number of BIRT reports into my PHP site.



rhin07221 said...

I've been working with the java bridge and the examples, but it seems to remove all drill through capabilities of charts. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Jason Weathersby said...

are drill throughs working on the report, like in a table?


Anonymous said...

how to view report other than in test.rpt with birt viewer in php .

karthik anu said...

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