Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Heavy Hand

Today I received a foundation email with this little nugget in it:

Pursuant to the Eclipse Foundation Bylaws, the Eclipse Foundation recently amended the Eclipse Foundation Bylaws and Membership Agreement. As required by the Eclipse Foundation Membership Agreement, we require your formal acceptance of these changes which became effective July 23, 2008 and are more fully described at:

Formal acceptance is required by virtue of the Membership Agreement. It should be noted that these changes are not optional and apply to all Eclipse Members upon Membership renewal from July 23, 2008 onwards.  (emphasis added)
Now I have no problem with the changes to the by laws.  In fact, they are great for my small company.  What I don't understand is why I need to agree in writing to these non-optional requirements?

If the decision has all ready been made, why do I need to agree in writing?  Maybe it is just me, but it feels heavy handed (and pointless) to insist that I validate a decision after it has all ready been made.

After all, if I don't like the decision I can just choose not to renew.


Anonymous said...

Gives a good hint at where your membership dues are going.

Donald Smith said...

Hi Scott,

This was an error, I wrote a bad query and included a few too many people. Please disregard.

- Don

Donald Smith said...

FWIW -- that email was supposed to go to all members who have renewed their dues since July 2008 but forgot to send in their agreement paperwork.

Since those members already paid their dues, it's assumed they agree to the changes and we need the legal agreement on file.

I suppose if we didn't actually get the agreement the earth would not stop spinning, but some accounting auditor lawyer somewhere might spontaneously combust and we wouldn't want that.

Since Scott's a recently new member and I apparently can't do an inner join, he got some unnecessary spam. Apologies all around.