Tuesday, December 01, 2009

BIRT Designer Classpath Changes

Starting with the 2.5.2 branch of BIRT (Release date February 2010), configuring the classpath for the designer has been improved. This classpath setting is used by the BIRT engine when processing reports that use Java event handlers or make calls to external classes while in the designer. In previous releases of BIRT, the engine would add all Java projects within the same workspace to the classpath automatically. With BIRT 2.5.2 you will now be able configure the BIRT classpath globally or project specific. This setting is available in the preferences.

In this example I have configured a project (BIRT Reports) to add the BirtEventHandlers Java project to the classpath that the BIRT engine uses when previewing the reports in the designer. Note these changes only affect the designer and you should deploy your event handler classes to the scriptlib directory in the deployed environment. More details are available in the bugzilla entry.

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