Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Remus Uses BIRT

I read about the Remus project on Planet Eclipse today and was intrigued.   Looking at the draft project proposal:

With today's information technologies, the amount of information we consume daily is enormous. Efficient management and fast access to frequently used information has become more important than ever. The fact that we use a wide range of applications and digital mediums makes the aggregation of information, search and retrieval even more difficult. Managing a huge amount of information successfully requires an intelligent tool that enables users to file, categorize and visualize such diverse types of data as information units in a single application.
And now I am very intrigued, my company Innovent Solutions works in this very space.  Naturally, I wondered about how BIRT could interact with Remus.  Turns out that they have created an ODA for BIRT and have bundled some reports.  

Looks like another nice use of BIRT.

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Tom Seidel said...

Thanks for the kind words :)

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