Thursday, January 27, 2011

Changing Eclipse BIRT Indigo Version Number to BIRT 3.7

For the BIRT project’s Indigo release in June of this year, our plan continues to be to match the BIRT version number with the Eclipse Platform version number used for Indigo. Going forward, this will make it easier for everyone to remember which version of BIRT is designed to work with which version of the Platform. And with Indigo being the 8th major release of the BIRT project, there is no downside with updating the release number to match the Platform release.

At the outset of the Indigo project, it was an open question whether Indigo would be Eclipse 3.7 or 4.0 – so as a short term measure, we adopted BIRT 4.0 as the working release number for BIRT Indigo. Now that the Indigo release will be designated Eclipse 3.7, we plan to update BIRT Indigo to use the BIRT 3.7 designation.


Anonymous said...

Hi , Need ur help on BIRT paramter ,

i m passing DB passowrd with after reading from sessionBean.
but user can see the actual password (after doing View Souce on Birt Viewer page) ..please advise how can i hide it or how to dcrypt base64 password in BIRT if i pass encrypted password ..

Thanks in advance.


Jason Weathersby said...

How are you setting it now? It what script? Can you post or email me the report?