Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BIRT 3.7 Released

BIRT 3.7 is now available and with this release many improvements and new features are available. BIRT 3.7 now provides a new POJO based runtime for ease of deployment when using the BIRT Viewer or the Report Engine. Open Document Text (ODT), Open Document Presentation (ODP), and Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) outputs are also available with the addition of three new emitters. BIRT now provides support for Hadoop through a new Open Data Access Driver (ODA) that allows the developer to build queries using Hive Query Language (HQL) using the designer GUI.

To read more about these and other new features for BIRT, see the BIRT 3.7 New and Notable.


Joni said...

I have never used BIRT before and considering to use it in my new project. However, user specifically requires export of report to Excel, and the office standard is Office Excel 2007. I don't see anywhere in the release notes that BIRT allows this. Please confirm if this feature is available?

Jason Weathersby said...

BIRT's native excel emitter supports 2003 xml format, but does not export images or charts. There are a lot of extensions out that improve the xls format that can be used to replace the standard xls format, for example the tribix emitters. On birt-exchange there are a couple of xls emitters for BIRT as well. BIRT also supports open office formats.

ipad bingo said...

BIRT's is a native excel and it really supports 2003 xml.. and it does not exports images and charts.. but on the availability of birt in pojo based run time is great.......!!!!