Thursday, May 03, 2007

2nd Annual Open Source BI Survey

A survey is being conducted which I thought may be of interest to BIRT report developers. The results will provide valuable insights into awareness and trends in Open Source software adoption and usage, and as a participant you have the opportunity to ensure your opinions and experiences are included in the analyses. This survey is now in its second year so comparative results will also give some key insights into how perceptions, trends and adoption levels have changed in that period.

In return for taking part, you will receive a summary of the results from the full study. You will also have a chance of receiving one of five $100 Amazon vouchers. This survey will take about 5 minutes of your time. To get started, click here.


Simone Tregnago said...

How can they contact me for the prize if they never asked me for any personal information during the survey?

Jason Weathersby said...

I apologize for this. We are working on getting this fixed on the survey. For now you can submit your email to lbengani at You will only be contacted on this email if your name is drawn, but feel free to use an alternate email account.