Tuesday, May 15, 2007

JFire and BIRT

JFire is a comprehensive Open Source ERP solution that uses BIRT for reporting. A couple of weeks ago at the Eclipse Forum Europe conference, I had the opportunity to look at what they are doing with BIRT. Not only do they include BIRT designs, they have gone as far as to include a customized version of the designer within their product. Alex Bieber demonstrated some of these customizations, including a workflow parameter entry builder and a customized editor for creating resource files for BIRT.

Below is a screenshot of the parameter workflow builder.

This feature effectively collects parameters in a cascaded fashion and ultimately passes the final value onto a BIRT report for generation. As displayed in the screenshot above, this builder is available as a new tab on the modified BIRT designer.

To read more on these customizations, go to the JFire site or checkout the JFire wiki entries for these features.

JFireReporting Parameter Acquisition

JFireReporting Localisation

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