Friday, May 23, 2008

Designing High Performance BIRT Reports

Over the last couple of months BIRT-Exchange has hosted many webinars explaining and demonstrating BIRT technology. Last weeks webinar featured Mica Block discussing BIRT performance. In this presentation, Mica explains how to gauge performance and provides tips for improving generation time. If you missed it or any of the others, they are available

In addition the following topics will be discussed in the future:

Using the BIRT Report Engine API
Virgil Dodson

Using the BIRT Design Engine API
Jason Weathersby

What's New with BIRT 2.3
Virgil Dodson

Ad-hoc BIRT Reporting for End Users
Rob Murphy

BIRT Charting Primer
Virgil Dodson

Using the BIRT Chart API
Jason Weathersby


piyush said...

Hello friends,
I am creating reports using BIRT
in which I hv added Data Source,Data Sets & Report parameters,but after adding report Parameters i am unable to poen My Data set, i got an exception ...
An unexpected internal exception occurred. Please see log for detail.
Plug-in Name:BIRT Designer UI
Error Code:Error.GUIException.invokedByUnexpectedException
Error Message:Caused by org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda.OdaException.

Jason Weathersby said...


Can you log a bugzilla entry with the error you are getting and post your report.



Anonymous said...

help me please
I am creating reports in birt but export my report in pdf not show me all information is problem of cofiguration of the birt?

Toba.Sayed said...

im using birt report in developing project reports with highly quantity of data ; i didnt use api i just use birt viewer and birt designer and i depend on data binding . i have great problem that may make my decision to change birt reporting this problem is the slow and bad performance of running birt report. my project is spring mvc and birt report viewer load great deal of scripts and takes about 3 to 5 minuits to load report i dont no what to do i increased memory size and java heap and no way still slow and huge reports make my server dies
i wish quick response thanks
toba sayed - senior java programmer

Jason Weathersby said...


Can you open a bug for this and post your report design to it?


toba said...

no bug but its the problem of birt performance exactly the birt viewr performance in case of huge data

Anonymous said...

Hi me too have a performance issue.If anyody can explain me please.Using aggrgation based calculation makes a report slower?
And if we used lot of(IF-Else ) in our report codinng ,it will affect the performance/

Jason Weathersby said...

Can you email me an example that shows the issue?

Anonymous said...


I have data (text) obtained from database. This text contains html tags. Have could I display this text as html, instead of plain text please? I dont see such an option for "data" items.