Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BIRT - Help Wanted

The majority of the work on the BIRT project is done by the core BIRT committers. At the same time, we recognize that we have a huge community of users and integrators that may want to dedicate some time back to our community.

Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to find a place to start. Yes, there are a lot of open issues in Bugzilla, but it is difficult to determine which items would be best to take on. Unless you are well versed on the internals of BIRT, it is difficult to tell which items are easy, and which are difficult. To complicate things a bit, those items that are easy and relatively high priority tend to get fixed pretty quickly.

In an effort to provide better entry points for people that are interested in contributing code to the BIRT project, we have started to tag bugzilla entries with the keyword "helpwanted". You can find the bugs by using this search. The assumption is that discussion and contributions towards the resolution would be handled through Bugzilla.

If you do come up with a contribution for the BIRT team, please make sure that you select the IP review box if you are submitting code. Also please note that the helpwanted tag is new effort for the BIRT team, and will be a bit of a work in progress.

One other friendly reminder is that the BIRT team is in the closing cycles of the Ganymede release at the end of this month. If you decided to get active, please understand that the entire development team is very focused on the release and may take a while to respond to your contributions and questions.


Ed Merks said...

Good stuff guys! BIRT's newsgroup is definitely one of Eclipse's most active so it's clear there's a very large community out there. Folks should have a look at your instructions for how to set up the environment from CVS. Looking at those instructions, you might want to ensure that the necessary compiler preferences are actually committed to CVS and you should consider exporting a team project set so that folks pick up exactly the right projects. These two things would help simplify the instructions. May your contributions be many!

Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

How about getting BIRT to participate in Eclipse BugDay?

The next one is June 27th

Check out the FAQ.

Anonymous said...

Chris as a +2 on the Ganymede release, we will be heads down trying to get things finished at that time. I have seen the bug day notices from some of the other teams and have thought that it looks like fun.

That said we need to get our project setup to be able to take part. Hopefully we can do that sometime this summer.

Rigga said...

I am able to create report in /report folder using report api.

but when i am trying to display it it's giving me this error

"Apr 28, 2008 5:12:26 PM org.eclipse.birt.report.engine.api.impl.ReportDocumentWriter saveDesign

SEVERE: Failed to save design IR!"

but i am saving it using

designHandle.saveAs(rPath+"/sample.rptdesign");//need to un comment

designHandle.close( );

but still while displaying it's giving this error.

Actually when i m trying to display using run servlet it's working fine but using
frameset it's giving me above errors.
so will u plz let me know what exactly is going on there and how can i resolve it

SAYI said...

Hi guys,
Thank god we've a forum to discuss BIRT enhancements, features & problems.
In my case i'm facing a small technical glitch which i hope will be challenging to you all.
I want to combine two reports, out of which one uses crosstab report & the other being normal
To be clear, suppose i want to get a person's personal details( name,sex,parents,locality) & professional details( List of companies
he has worked & his salary there)

Professional details can be represented in crosstab reports as for a single person he might have worked
in different companies & his salary can differ in different company.

The report should be in this format:

Name sex native parents renaissance infosys sun
dddd male india mnfwjj 1.2 3.6 6.2

Can anyone give an idea or suggestion on this?
You can mail me at sayeenarayanan.s@renaissance-it.com

Jason Weathersby said...


Can you explain what you mean by combine? Do you want to combine the output or the designs?



Jason Weathersby said...


Can you explain what you mean by combine? Do you want to combine the output or the designs?



Ed said...

I'd like to do the same thing. I want the 2 styles of outputs to appear on the one report. Based on your reply it looks like I can do them both in the one report design ? I'd prefer that since it keeps all the logical data together