Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BIRT 2.3 Released

BIRT 2.3 has arrived and with this release many new features are available. Most notable are the JavaScript improvements that include an improved JavaScript Editor (validation, line numbers, code folding), a new JavaScript Debugger, and the ability to add JavaScript files to a report design using the GUI. Also new scripting events are available for crosstabs and charts. BIDI support is also provided in all output formats. Many crosstab enhancements were made, including the ability to display measure data using charts within the crosstab. With BIRT 2.3 crosstabs support derived measures as well.

To read more about the new BIRT 2.3 features see the BIRT New and Notable Features.

To view a webinar on the new feature, check out this Eclipse Live recording. The examples used in this webinar are available on


Nathan said...

When are the 2nd Edition of the BIRT books going to be available for purchase? I've seen that they are published, just not available for purchase yet.

dbmuse said...

calendar date picker still no show for 2.3 :(

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately the date picker did not make it into the web viewer. Please see: