Thursday, October 27, 2005

Linux BIRT Server

John Ward over at the Digital Voice, has posted two very good articles on setting up a Linux BIRT report server. The articles walk through a complete server setup, which uses Tomcat, wget, and Cron. Some of the key areas covered are publishing, deploying and even scheduling BIRT Reports.

John, thanks for the articles.

Part 1

Part 2


Anonymous said...

I don't have better knowledge on linux server. But currently i am working on a system that using BIRT as the reporting tools and linux as the server. and i found that there exist some delay when i generate the BIRT report that called a stored procedure. I said this because some testing had been done on the window and no delay is found. Any idea?

Virgil said...

Hi Jason, since this post is about Linux BIRT servers, I thought I would point out that the Actuate iServer Express now has a Linux version available for download.

Linux download for BIRT 2.2 reports

Linux download for BIRT 2.3 reports (beta)