Monday, October 24, 2005

Zend and BIRT

As you know, PHP is the technology of choice for many web site developers because of its simplicity and power. PHP applications, be they CRM applications, e-commerce applications, performance reports or help desk applications, usually require reports. However, even with PHP, creating reports for a PHP based web application can be tedious (Examples: a sales invoice, or a sales commission report). Yes, the first one is not too tough to do, but then you decide you need a second report, then a third -- and before you know it you are building a whole reporting product in PHP.

So, what is the solution?

Well, Zend and the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) team are working together to combine the simplicity and power of PHP for your web site, with the simplicity and power of BIRT for your reports. The goal is to allow the PHP developer to easily add sophisticated reports to the feature rich PHP environment. While the details are still TBD, the teams are looking at creating PHP classes to easily run and view BIRT reports from within the PHP language.

Watch this space.


Philipp said...

What is the current status of this? Is there anything available to try it out yet?

Jimm Pratt said...

it would be interesting to see what the progress of this project is. i am at a point in the development of a client project to develop my own classes to interact with BIRT. but i'd hate to 're-invent the wheel' if Zend and BIRT already play well together.

Nigel James said...

Has this moved forward at all? Can we have an update?

Jason Weathersby said...

Yes. Zend has released an integration as part of its Platform.


Nigel J said...

Hey Jason - are there any resources about how this works beyond marketing and handshaking? Are there any blogs or concrete tutorials of BIRT running on the Zend Platform that you can point us to?

Anything you have would be great.

Nigel James

Jason Weathersby said...


I believe there are docs with the Zend Platform on all the php calls. I will check with the Zend team.