Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Big Thankyou

In the BIRT In Depth tutorial for EclipseCon, I was assigned the task of providing some information about extending BIRT through the extension points. Unfortunately, I did not have time to go out and build the extensions, or at least I did not have time to build the extension and get any sleep or see my family.

Fortunately I discovered two published extension examples that I was able to incorporate into my demonstration. I wanted to say thank you to two BIRT users who created and shared their extensions for BIRT.

The first extension was a simple JNDI extension of the JDBC ODA. The submission by Victor and came to us through the newsgroup. If you are interested in using JNDI as a data source you can go to to have a look at his site.

The second extension was done by Shawn Qualia, this extension uses the BIRT emitter extensioin to create an XLS document from a report design. You can get more information on the XLS emitter at

Thanks to Victor and Shawn for sharing their work with us.


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