Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Greetings from EclipseCon, wish you were here


Jason and I have been a little quiet lately as we prepared presentations for EclipseCon. I am sitting in on the third (and final) BIRT presentation at EclipseCon 2006. On Monday, Krishna Venkatraman, Jason and I all gave the first run of BIRT In Depth. We had about 45 attendees and went through a tour of all of the birt customization and extension points. We had a great response with lots of questions and great feed back.

On Wednesday Krishna started the morning presenting to a full room (150 people) showing a high level over view of BIRT capabilities, with a focus on what BIRT can do out of box. Krishna did a great job of presenting with a number of spontaneous bursts of applause.

Apparently, Krishna wet eveyone's appetite because next up was Jason Weathersby to provide a high level guide and demo of the BIRT extension points.

We will all be at the booth this afternoon.

This evening at 8:00 we are running a BIRT birds of a feather for anyone that has questions about BIRT, we have an open agenda, if you are at EclipseCon please drop by and we can talk about the use and function of BIRT.

Scott Rosenbaum

PS Jason and I will be working to take the slides, demos, and examples from the conference presentations and make those available to the entire community.


Anonymous said...

Any chance that the presentations given at EclipseCon will be made available somewhere, for those of us not fortunate enough to be there?

Jason Weathersby said...

They are on the Eclipse BIRT site: