Wednesday, March 08, 2006

BIRT 2.1 M5 Build and the Callisto Project

The BIRT 2.1 M5 milestone build is the first installment in the 2.1 release schedule and is now available for download. BIRT 2.1 represents the BIRT component of the Callisto Simultaneous Release Project. The 2.1 release is primarily focused on adding the functionality required to match up with the other Callisto project releases. The full 2.1 project plan provides more details on BIRT 2.1.

The Callisto Simultaneous Release Project is an Eclipse project where ten of the major Eclipse projects will do a simultaneous release of their products. Callisto's goal is to eliminate uncertainty about project version numbers, and thus to allow ecosystem members to start their own integration, cross-project, and cross-product testing efforts earlier.

One new feature that is particularly interesting in the 2.1 release is the introduction of Joined Data Sets. Using this feature, BIRT developers will be able to combine simple Data Sets into an aggregate data set.

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